Baraton College Offers Online Classes

Baraton College like several other institutions of higher in Kenya has had to adjust the mode of learning/teaching from the traditional face-to-face to online/virtual. This sudden change in mode of learning/teaching was necessitated by the interruption of the traditional mode of learning/teaching. All learning institutions in Kenya were closed indefinitely in March 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19. This closure has forced all the students to stay home. However, the Ministry of Education recommended online/virtual learning as an alternative mode to ensure continuity of teaching/learning. This new mode has been embraced by most colleges and universities in Kenya including Baraton College as way of coping with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Baraton College now offers virtual/online learning/teaching. This has been made possible due a partnership between Baraton, Google Classroom and Safaricom. Google Classroom provides the virtual classroom and tools for teaching and learning online. Safaricom provides the needed internet access (bundles) for students and staff to access the online Google classrooms where learning resources are hosted.

Baraton College has trained competent teachers who are qualified to facilitate the online classes, thanks to the college management for investing time and resources to make it possible. In online classrooms teacher/facilitator competency is paramount since it determines the student’s level of satisfaction. In addition to training teachers/facilitators, Baraton College also offers students the necessary technical support as they make this transition from the face-to-face classroom to online/virtual classroom. Online/virtual learning/teaching is the new normal that all learning institutions should adopt.

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