Baraton College Acquires New Online Management System


Baraton College Online Management System is the latest addition to new technology basket at the institution. Baraton College is on course to become one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Kenya to maximum new technology in delivery of its services to the students. Use of technology in offering education services has recently gained popularity in Kenya and the rest of the World. With the new demand for higher education most of the institutions of higher learning are embracing new technology in service delivery.

Effective and efficient use of technology requires different components ranging from internet availability to access devices. Baraton College recently acquired fast speed internet services for use at the institution. This new development came as huge relieve in cutting cost to both students and staff who were earlier spending a lot of money to buy data bundles from Safaricom, Airtel or Orange companies. Baraton has also acquired an Online Management System to improve its service delivery to students. The institution is planning to venture into online/virtual or e-learning method of training in order to offer learning opportunities to students who may not be able to attend traditional face-to-face classes.

Baraton College Online Management System Improves Service Delivery

Baraton College Online Management SystemThe new technologies at Baraton College have connected the institution to the international community. With the fast speed Wi-Fi on campus students are able to access digital learning resources available online through their mobile devices. The new Baraton College Online Management System allows students and lectures to access their accounts online from anywhere as long as there is internet access. The system can allow the college administrators to run the institution remotely using mobile devices. The Online Management System allows the administrators and staff to concentrate on more important things that will improve the quality of services for the students instead of on updating records.

Baraton College Online Management System has a simple portal where Students, Instructors, Administrator, Finance officer, Academic Registrar, Admissions Officer and Online Learning can access their accounts. Once logged in, the system will give you access to what you have been authorize to access/update. The students can now do course registration Online through the system. Lecturer can post grades and students also can check their grades Online. Find out more about the Baraton College Online Management System.

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