Baraton College Students Back to School in High Spirit for May Semester 2016

Baraton College students are back to school for the second semester. Most of the students reported back on the opening day May 3, 2016 and classes started immediately on May 4, 2016. The institution is also admitting new students to the different programmes offered by the institution. The returning students are excited to be back to College after a three week much needed break. This applies to all the three campuses of the College namely: Baraton Main campus in Baraton, Kapsabet campus and Sosiot – Kericho campus.

Happy Baraton College StudentsMost students choose Baraton College instead of most of the other tertiary Colleges in Kenya because of the excellent quality, relevance and affordability of education offered by the College. On average, Baraton College charges almost half of what most other similar institutions of higher learning charge for similar programmes. The graduates from the Baraton are absorbed almost immediately after graduation because of the quality of training given to them.

Though Baraton College’s main campus is located in Nandi County, the student population is from the whole country. The institution advocates for equality in access to educational opportunities and has been a champion of helping qualified students from less privileged families and communities. With very friendly staff and administrators of the institution, students always feel at home at Baraton.

Animal Health and Production Programme at Baraton College is popular

Though there are several programmes offered by Baraton College, the programmes of Animal Health and Production and that of Education are very popular to students. Many students who miss an opportunity at the Public Universities in Kenya as government sponsored student see Baraton College as the best alternative as a self-sponsored student because of quality, relevance and affordability. Any parent or guardian who has a student or has had a graduand from Baraton will attest to the same. Education in Kenya has become expensive to most parents/guardians and any support offered by learning institutions to them is invaluable.

With the new online application system at Baraton College, any student who qualifies to pursue one of our programmes can do so and be admitted at the comfort of their house. Technology is the way to go in today’s learning institutions and Baraton is leading the way.

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